Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mysteries Among Us #5

Welcome back to "Mysteries Among Us." In this feature, we sleuths share mysteries that intrigue us. They could be mysteries in the national news, in our own communities, even in our own families. Or they could be mysteries from the past that continue to haunt us. Mysteries are everywhere! Maybe some of what we've found will spark ideas for fictional mysteries. We'd love to know what mysteries fascinate you too!

Laura Ellen: One of the largest mysteries among us is the possible existence of Big Foot or Sasquatch. Part man, part beast this creature has allegedly been sighted in 44 states as well as many countries. I have always been intrigued with the possibility that it exists because my father claims to have seen one in the mountains of Washington. A college student majoring in forestry at the time, he was working on a summer internship of some sort deep in an area where even the local Indians refused to tread. He and the others in his group came upon a very strong, putrid odor -- and then they saw it. Something large and hairy crashing through the brush like a bull, only this thing was upright on two feet. Sasquatch or just a visual misperception? Who knows. But if you'd like to learn more, check out The Sasquatch Information Society website: Here's one of the most famous videos of an alleged Sasquatch: What do you think?

Kristen Kittscher: Ever since I visited Taos, New Mexico in 2003, I've been intrigued by what residents call "The Taos Hum," a very low-pitched constant drone that sounds like a diesel engine to those who can hear it. The humming can disrupt sleep, cause dizziness and headaches, and -- in a few cases -- has even driven some sufferers insane. Allegedly, people experience a similar constant hum in a variety of places across the globe, including in Hawaii, southwest England, and Australia. However, the sound is not detectable by recording equipment, audible only to a few, and has no known source. Theories about what causes the humming range from activity from nearby defense installations to electromagnetic fields, but investigators have very little to go on. I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds it fun to muse about more bizarre possibilities . . .

Diana Renn: Okay, where has this museum been all my life?? I recently stumbled across this listing for a gem in my hometown, Seattle: The Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore. This one-room museum sounds delightfully eclectic, with strange artifacts, wax figures, a Bigfoot exhibit (hey Laura, that's for you!), a Weird Science Salon, a Ghost Museum and Ghost Tour. (Is the Ghost Museum a museum within the museum? I don't really get that, but I'm definitely intrigued). I also love the museum's hours -- Saturdays noon to seven, Sundays noon to six, but they recommend calling first as they may be closed or on a brief break. This looks like a great place to soak up local mysteries. It also looks like a slightly creepy place you might enter and never emerge from. I am definitely scheduling a stop there on my next trip to Seattle!

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