Thursday, March 15, 2012

A PRETTY CROOKED Under Cover Update

Time to check in and see what mysteries our detectives are reading!

Only this week, we have a very special detective to highlight: PRETTY CROOKED's star, Willa. What's on her nightstand?


SCARLET by AC Gaughen
This is a new retelling of Robin Hood--with Will Scarlet as a girl. Of course, no one but the Hood and his band know. But as they thwart the Sheriff of Nottingham, Scarlet's secret may not be safe. This one has definite appeal to Willa's sense of righteousness.

HEIST SOCIETY by Ally Carter
Kat longs to get out of the family "business"--master thieves. But when her dad is accused of stealing a mobster's art collections, Kat may be the only one with the skills to help him out. This series would draw Willa in, particularly with its detailed descriptions of the jobs Kat and her crew pull.


Nothing like a good mystery, and this series unfolds one chilling mystery after another. When Alison disappears after a slumber party, her friends miss her, but are each secretly relieved because Alison knew a secret about each one. Now, years later, the messages start popping up. Is Alison back? Willa would definitely love the intrigue and she would relate to the depictions of prep school life.


KISS ME KILL ME by Lauren Henderson
Willa would totally be BFFs with Scarlett Wakefield if they lived on the same continent. Scarlett's trying to find out what happened to the guy who died in her arms after their first and only kiss at a party.

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