Thursday, July 19, 2012

Under Cover #14

Time to check in and see what our detectives are reading!

Talia Vance: I'm reading If I Lie by Corrine Jackson. I love this spare, emotional story about secrets and the lengths that people will go to keep them. The characters still haunt me.  It's a story about a girl who honors her promise to keep her boyfriend's secret, but at a huge personal cost.  Heartbreaking and hopeful, this is a book that I devoured in a single sitting and can't wait to read again.

F.T. BradleyI'm in a short story kind of mood, so I swiped my 12 year-old's copy of Neal Shusterman's DARKNESS CREEPING: TWENTY TWISTED TALES. They're not quite mysteries, but horror has to be mystery's dark cousin, right? I've only just started reading the book, but I'm totally hooked. Next up, I have GUYS READ: THRILLER on my to-read list. I guess summer calls for shorts... 

Diana Renn: Last week I made a rare foray into the paranormal by reading an ARC of debut author Gina Rosati's AURACLE. I'm so glad I did! What a great read. And while it's not a traditional mystery, mystery/crime fans like myself will appreciate the crime at the heart of this novel, as three teens get swept up in a high-stakes investigation into the murder of one of their classmates. Did I mention that one of these teens is not actually in her body? Oh. Right. Enter the paranormal. 17-year-old Anna Rogan has an unusual talent: astral projection. (It was apparently triggered by an allergic reaction to peanuts as a child). She's learned how to leave her body and travel to exotic destinations for fun. But one day, while astrally projected, she witnesses the death of a classmate, a mean girl who then takes up residence in Anna's body and refuses to leave. Anna and her friend (and secret crush) Rei have to find highly creative ways to get Anna back in her body and to help their friend Seth avoid murder charges. Rosati balances the high stakes crime issues with moments of horror, humor, sensuality and romance. The book will be published next month by Roaring Brook/Macmillan. 

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