Monday, August 6, 2012

Mystery Monday #35: Opposite World

It's Mystery Monday -- time to stretch your creative muscles with a writing exercise! 

Today's prompt involves something a bit counter-intuitive. It's like the scene from Cars where Doc Hudson tells Lightning "turn right to go left". If you're familiar with the film, then you know Lightning was a little (a lot) skeptical, and you may be, too. That's fine, so long as you enjoy the ride.

Step 1: Think of an object you consider beautiful. I'm talking a building, a piece of furniture, some old jewelry, or--ahem--a car.

Step 2: Make a back story for the object. Tell us where it came from, who owned it, how it got to the point where you appreciate it. BUT (you knew it was coming) the back story has to be ugly. It was built in a factory on the verge of closing, or it was thrown out by a mean woman whose husband could never please her.

Step 3: Reverse the exercise. Make beautiful ugly, and ugly beautiful.

Some tips: 
  • Don't over think this. It's just for you, write fast and see what you get.
  • Try other opposites, Lucky and Unlucky, Rich and Poor, Shy and Outgoing.
  • Keep it under a page (unless, of course, you're really into it and you feel you've got something special).
Have fun in Opposite World, gang. Until next time. 

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