Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Upcoming Fall Mysteries for Kids and Teens

We're kicking off a little change in our blogging here at Sleuths, Spies, and Alibis! We're going to loosen things up a bit and instead of blogging to a theme or feature, we're simply going to take turns blogging about what makes our little mystery-loving hearts sing. (Don't worry, we'll still hauling plenty of authors in to our interrogation room, too.)

So, I'm up first in this new schedule and what's on my mind is back to school--I headed back to work at my elementary school library last week. All summer, I've been building a book order, but now I get to focus all the books coming out this fall (not to mention my OWN book coming out this fall--eep!). As I build my order, here are some of the mysteries I can't wait to read!

My 13-year-old and I love the Hunchback Assignments series from Arthur Slade. So excited to read Modo's final adventure.

Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None is one of my all-time favorite mysteries. This sounds like it's a retelling of it--with teens in a modern day setting.

Secrets? Shakespeare? Graves? Kids driving a car on the cover? I'm in.

I love the Red Blazer Girls. Now, they are investigating a secret message in an antique fountain pen!

This is the sequel to The Emerald Atlas, which I'm reading right now. If EA holds up, I'll definitely be looking for this one this fall.

Two sixth graders solve an eighty-year-old mystery at their school--told through notes and lists? Yes, please.

Another sequel, another school setting. This is the follow up to The Big Splash, a middle-school riff on the noir genre, which I loved.

And of course, I can't wait to read fellow detectives' books:
 (October 16!)

(October 23!)

My list has a little bit of a middle grade focus because that's what I write and teach, but if you want to see a more complete list of upcoming mysteries for kids and teens, check out this Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/whbeck/fall-2012-mysteries-for-kids-and-teens/.

How about you? What mysteries are you looking forward to reading this fall?


W.H. Beck is school librarian and author of the forthcoming middle grade mystery, Malcolm at Midnight. (She is also way excited about its fall debut, but it seemed self-serving to list it as one of her top books for this post. Plus, she's already read it.)


  1. Great list! Ahhh so much to read. I'm adding Kathryn Burak's EMILY'S DRESS AND OTHER MISSING THINGS. A literary mystery for YA, about Emily Dickinson's dress, and well, other missing things . . . coming out October 2. (PS - she's coming to the Interrogation Room 10/3!)

    1. I know. The list grows ever longer....

    2. Oh I just saw your even longer list on Pinterest. Wow! Drooling. Thanks for putting that together!

  2. A pity that none of them are out yet. Perhaps adding release dates would help us civilians who aren't ordering books but looking to get things for our kids to read.

    1. Release dates are are good idea. Thanks for the suggestion.


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