Tuesday, February 11, 2014

COVER REVEAL: Double Vision: The Alias Men by F.T. Bradley

It's always tough when a trilogy comes to an end... Especially when you get the write a cool, wise-cracking middle-grade character like Linc Baker. I had a blast writing the Double Vision books, and was determined to have the trilogy go out with a bang.

And apparently, the amazing people at Harper Children's read my mind. Look at the cool cover the came up with for Double Vision: The Alias Men...:

Doesn't it look dynamite??

For some back story, this is Linc, about to land on a table of appetizers at a fancy Hollywood director's party. I can't wait until you all get the read the book, out October 14th, 2014.

Here's the story:

With the annual Baker family reunion only days away, Linc prepares for a weekend full of cousins, cars, and his mom’s terrible macaroni salad. But then secret government agency Pandora contacts him—again! They need Linc’s help to secure the dangerous double of Charlie Chaplin’s famous bowler hat before mysterious master thief Ethan Melais uses its invisibility powers for world domination. Always up for an adventure, Linc agrees to join the mission. Easy peasy, right?

But if there’s one thing Linc should know by now, it’s that nothing is ever easy when it comes to being a junior secret agent—especially when you accidentally land yourself a role in a Hollywood blockbuster. With bogus leads, baffling dead ends, and constant one-upping from his look-alike nemesis, Ben Green, Linc’s juggling a lot more than he bargained for! Throw in a cute Hollywood starlet, Savannah Stone, who’s along for the ride, and suddenly Linc not only has to secure the dangerous double and save the world, but look good doing it, too!

Sounds cool, right?

Thanks, as always, to the great people at Harper Children's for making me look good, and to my awesome pals and the readers here at Sleuths, Spies and Alibis. 

Y'all are awesome :-)


  1. Great cover. Looks like an exciting read.

  2. Thanks!!! It was a fun one to write :-)


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