Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Power lines, Casseroles and Book Releases

I had just enough time this morning to pour my cup of coffee before the storms raging outside my home dropped a tree on a nearby power line and, quite literally, left me in the dark.  I rounded up enough flashlights and candles so that I could get my son and daughter up and ready for school.  No hot, healthy breakfast this morning -- just a couple of fudge rounds.  Nobody complained.

The road to work was blocked by the downed tree, and we were forced to take the long way to school.  Everyone handled it just fine, and we arrived with less than a minute to spare.  

After a quick stop for a mocha, I headed on to work.

I arrived at work and promptly dropped my sports coat in a puddle in the parking lot.  Oh well.  It needed to go to the dry cleaners anyway.

I arrived home at six o'clock this evening to learn that the power had just been restored.  The freezer in my garage now contained bags of cold, but thawed, chicken, meatballs and salmon.  We ate the salmon, and I made casseroles with the rest.  We'll be reheating casseroles for the next two months.

I cleaned the dishes, straightened up the kitchen and prepared to relax on the couch when it struck me.

Today is October 14.

The paperback version of my second book is being released today.


I love this book, and I owe it a proper introduction.

The title of the book is TOWER OF THE FIVER ORDERS, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Children.  It's a middle-grade mystery novel, the second book in the Shakespeare Mysteries series.  The cover is gorgeous -- but what else would you expect from Gilbert Ford?  And the interior illustrations bring life to every word -- but what else would you expect from Mark Edward Geyer?  

The main character in the series is a young lady by the name of Colophon Letterford.  In Book 1 of the series, SECRETS OF SHAKESPEARE'S GRAVE, Colophon discovered a treasure trove of long-lost Shakespeare manuscripts.  In Book 2, TOWER OF THE FIVE ORDERS, the authenticity of those manuscripts comes into question, and Colophon must delve even deeper into an ancient family secret to clear her family's name.  Readers meet not only William Shakespeare, but one of his contemporaries: Christopher Marlowe, a scallywag if there ever was one.  Marlowe, of course, was a real person -- and full of great secrets.  The characters in the book travel to London, Oxford and into the ancient sewers of London in search of clues and treasure.

As I said, I love this book.  

Now you'll have to excuse me.  I have clothes to iron.

Ah, the exciting life of an author.

Deron Hicks lives in Warm Springs, Georgia with his wife Angela, daughter Meg and son Parker.  His first book - SECRETS OF SHAKESPEARE'S GRAVE -- was published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Children in September 2012.  The second book in the series -- TOWER OF THE FIVE ORDERS -- was published in October 2013.  You can follow Deron on Facebook or Twitter (or both).

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