Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why summer reading is all about mystery

I love summer. And not just because of the vacations, excursions to the pool, or relaxed vibe--although those are all nice. I really love summer because they're the best time to read a mystery. Especially for kids.

I don't know if you've heard of the Summer Slide, but it's kind of shocking when you look at the stats when it comes to kids and reading. If kids don't read it has a HUGE impact on their learning. I found this infographic from a reading promotion that ran last year.

So what does this prove? Reading is vital. And if you look at tip number two and four--the fun part--I think you'll agree that kids should be reading mysteries. I'll admit I'm slightly biased, but to me, the most fun reading is a mystery. Summer is the best time to leave required reading on the shelf, and let kids choose their books instead.

In case you're looking for some recommendations, check out these posts by our own sleuths (the ones in the know):

More Fun Summer Reads for Kidlit Mystery Fans!
Summer Reads

And if you have kids and want some extra incentives (prizes and freebies) to read, you can find a great list of summer reading promotions at The Attic Girl's blog.

Read on, everyone! And be sure to add any recommendations to the comments--we always love to hear about good middle-grade and YA mysteries...

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