Monday, December 9, 2013

12 Days of Mysteries: Day 1

Here at Sleuths, Spies & Alibis, we're celebrating the holidays under cover! Book cover, that is.
For the next twelve weekdays, counting down to December 24, we'll be sharing some gift-giving recommendations for you. With our numerous book ideas -- and some great charitable organizations we'd like to tell you about -- finding the perfect something for the young mystery/thriller lover in your life shouldn't be a mystery!

Kicking off the season, here is Kristen Kittscher with her picks for your young mystery lover:

Junior members of a secret society that protects the world's most important artifacts go to the rain forests of Costa Rica to recover an important treasure before it falls into the wrong hands. A fun, fast-paced mystery my students love.
A beetle whose a talented artist and an eleven year old boy end up on the tail of a forger at the Met. A quirky, page-turning tale of friendship and mystery.
Ninth grader Jack adventures into a Underworld of ghosts in New York City to discover what happened to his mother. Such a beautifully told, smart mystery full of adventure.
The first book in a hilarious and poignant series about psychic girl detective Gilda Joyce.
A group of smart, delinquent Girl Scouts and latte-sipping, Vespa riding teen Kiki Strike go undercover (literally) in the tunnels below NYC to solve an international crime. One of my all-time favorite mysteries for kids. Great for 5th - 7th graders.


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