Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Celebrating THE RULES FOR BREAKING release!

I am so excited to announce THE RULES FOR BREAKING, the sequel to THE RULES FOR DISAPPEARING, hits shelves today!

Truthfully, I am more proud of this book than the first for one simple reason - it was so much harder to write. When I wrote book one, I did so without an agent, without a publishing contract and without any expectations from readers. But writing Breaking was a totally different experience. Before the first word was written, I knew it would be published and that was super scary. And then when readers would tell me they were really looking forward to the sequel - that was super scary too.

And now it's here - out in the world - and I couldn't be more pleased with it.

Thank you to all the readers who love these characters and this world. I had a blast creating it.


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Today - THE RULES FOR DISAPPEARING is only $0.99! Get it here!
To check out THE RULES FOR BREAKING - click here!

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